Aruba 2930f set time

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Aruba 2930f set time

I'll be covering NTP settings in this guide, as well as some of the niftier things that aren't in the manuals but still are really handy. Start by issuing the command "write memory" before you do anything, that way you can boot the switch to recover your previous settings if you mess something up.

SW1 config time daylight-time-rule none alaska continental-us-and-canada middle-europe-and-portugal southern-hemisphere western-europe user-defined. Write the beginning of the option you want, hit tab again, and hit enter. I'll use "western-europe" here in Finland. First, we'll set the timesync setting to ntp.

aruba 2930f set time

Not all switches and software versions support ntp if not, update the switch to the latest software or use sntp instead, see my other guide in the reference section. If they don't support ntp, there won't be an ntp option under timesync.

That'll tell the switch to use NTP, so now that we've got that sorted, let's move on to configuring NTP with the "ntp" command. I'll paste the console output here so you can see how it's done IRL, and remember that if you hit tab in the middle of a command the switch will give you tips or a list of options:. SW1 config ntp server That'll set the NTP server You can add additional servers as backup servers if you like NTP can select the best source by itself, so you don't have to prioritise the servers as with SNTP.

The ibrust setting tells the switch to use burst mode aggressive polling of the NTP server as it first tries to sync, and then revert to normal polling after it's locked on to the clock of the NTP server. Finally, we need to enable the NTP service it's disabled by default since it consumes a bit of resources regardless of if it's syncing the clock or not. Don't worry too much if you initially don't get the same output from the status command, it can take up to 15 minutes for NTP to get a proper sync done when you first enable it.

Remember to issue the command "write memory" to push your new settings to memory when you've verified that everything works. But the timezone was only introduced in later procurve firmware versions.

aruba 2930f set time

Craig; of course you can, but it's not very fun if you have 20 devices to configure IgnaceQ; No, it didn't change when Procurve was renamed Aruba, but NTP support was added in a firmware update on for example the HPseries.

Thanks very much for this guide! Very helpful, especially the tip to be able to configure additional parameters for each server. For example:. Some older firmware supports only ntp servers with ip addresses, ie: config ntp server 1. Newer firmware added support for using dns names, i. Note: using 'ntp server-name' requires dns server s to be already configured. For example, Google DNS:. Thank you for this guide!From the Main Menu select:. Select Set manager password or Set operator password.

You will then be prompted with Enter new password. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.

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When prompted with Enter new password againretype the new password and press Enter. After you configure a password, if you subsequently start a new console session, you will be prompted to enter the password. Remember that usernames are optional. If you use the CLI or WebAgent to configure an optional username, the switch will prompt you for the username, and then the password.

This procedure deletes all usernames if configured and passwords manager and operator. If you have physical access to the switch, press and hold the Clear button on the front of the switch for a minimum of one second to clear all password protection. If you do not have physical access to the switch, you will need manager-level access:.

Select the Set manager password option.

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Select to Delete password Protection. Selection will prompt the following:. Press the Space bar to select Yesthen press Enter.

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Press Enter to clear the Delete password Protection message. If you cannot start a console session at the manager level because of a lost manager password, clear the password by following these steps:. Press and hold the Clear button on the switch for a minimum of one second. This deletes all passwords and usernames manager and operator used by the console and the WebAgent.

The command sets or changes existing password s. If no password is provided in the command, you are prompted to enter the new password twice. The [no] form of the command removes specific local password protection. NOTE: port-access is available only if include-credentials is enabled.West of the 0 meridian, the sign is "-". HP Switch config time timezone daylight-time-rule continental-us-and-canada.

The switch uses the time command to configure both the time of day and the date. Also, executing time without parameters lists the switch's time of day and date.

Note that the CLI uses a hour. Use Console Manager Mode [Menu 2.

aruba 2930f set time

Switch Configuration 1. System Information] and edit the Time settings. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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aruba 2930f set time

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I have always set it from the command line. Note that the CLI uses a hour clock scheme; that is, hour hh values from 1 p. Configure the server Registry to enable it as a time server. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Aruba HPE Networking (Part 1): ProCurve / ProVision / Aruba switch setup Part 1

By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. Hewlett Packard Enterprise International.A group in Aruba Central is a primary configuration element that acts like a container.

In other words, groups are a subset of one or several devices that share common configuration settings. Aruba Central supports assigning devices to groups for the ease of configuration and maintenance. For example, you can create a common group for Branch Gateway s that have similar configuration requirements.

Assigning Gateways to a Group

The device groups in Aruba Central support the following features:. Combining Branch Gateway s of identical characteristics and configuration requirements under a single group. You can create separate groups for the small, medium, and large sized branches. You can also create separate groups for the branch sites in different geographical locations; for example, East Coast and West Coast branch sites.

If these groups have similar characteristics with minor differences, you can create the first group and then clone it. You can use either a single group for all the devices or deploy devices in multiple groups. VPN enables secure access to a corporate network when located remotely. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security, and management policies of the private network.

This is done by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, encryption, or a combination of the two. Concentrators in separate groups.

Concentrators must be assigned to different groups. Combining different types of devices under a group. Note the following points about groups in Aruba Central :. Concentrators and Branch Gateway s must be assigned to different groups. To assign Aruba Gateways to a group:. In the Network Operations app, use the filter to select All Devices. Under Maintainclick Organization. By default, the Groups page is displayed. From the devices table on the right, select the gateway that you want to assign to a new group.

Drag and drop the device to the group to which you want to assign the device. Click Yes to confirm action. If the group is not available in the list, click New Group to create a new group, and then drag and drop the Gateways to the group that you just created.

Was this information helpful? Yes No. Sorry about that! How can we improve it? Please send your comments and suggestions! All Files. Thanks for the feedback.One thing that is important on an Aruba Controller is the time. Certificate exchanges, the correct time on logs and other processes depend on the time being set correctly. Quite a few times, users have had to troubleshoot, but since the time is not correct, the logs and other events become troublesome to correlate.

The GUI asks you for a good deal of information to set the time, but what if you could just set it via the commandline, quickly. Here is what you would need:. There is one command that sets your timezone, one that sets your daylight savings time, and one command that sets your NTP sever.

All of these are set in the "config terminal" mode on the commandline of the Aruba Controller:. For example, if my controller is in the eastern time zone, I would have:. You can type "show clock" to see your current time and "show ntp server" to see if your NTP server has synched already, or not.

My question is what affect has to make this configuration at the level of ipsec master-localike since it is used via. With this, it is necessary to restart the devices or just restart the process, if the process is restarted that problems with can I have? Welcome Back! Select your Aruba account from the following: Aruba Central Login to your cloud management instance.

Partner Ready for Networking Login to access partner sales tools and resources. Airheads Community Login to connect, learn, and engage with other peers and experts. Version history. Revision :. Last update:. Updated by:. View article history. Labels 1. Labels: Aruba Products. Was this article helpful? Yes No. Hi Guys. Just a quick question.Just a quick query as I usually receive quick responses regarding the clock in a F switch. This seems to be causing auth failures at boot with our CPPM until time is synchronized.

That is what I thought. Any thoughts on how I can work around this? None that I've been able to find Following up on this topic: I have been informed by switch software engineering that a software fix for the and F clock reset on reboot issue is in the works, with an expected release by the end of February. Welcome Back! Select your Aruba account from the following: Aruba Central Login to your cloud management instance.

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Alert a Moderator Message 4 of 7. MVP Expert. Alert a Moderator Message 5 of 7.Call a Specialist Today! Looking for a better price? Call our Sales team today - or click here to request a quote. The Aruba F Switch Series is designed for customers creating digital workplaces that are optimized for mobile users with an integrated wired and wireless approach. These basic Layer 3 access switches are easy to deploy and manage with advanced security and network management tools like Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and Aruba AirWave.

With support from Aruba Central, you can quickly set up remote branch sites with little or no IT support. The Aruba F Switch Series provides a convenient and cost-effective access switch solution that can be quickly set up with Zero Touch Provisioning and built-in 10GbE uplinks.

The robust basic Layer 3 feature set includes a limited lifetime warranty. See www. To find software for your product, refer to www. Aruba F Series Datasheet.

Toggle navigation. Aruba Top Value Promo! Buy 3 APs, Get 2 Free! Bundle and Save! Aruba Networks Products. Add to Cart. Overview Features and Benefits Specifications Documentation. Overview: The Aruba F Switch Series is designed for customers creating digital workplaces that are optimized for mobile users with an integrated wired and wireless approach.

How to Really Set Up NTP on HP ProCurve / Aruba Switches – HP Networking Series Part 7

A user role can be assigned to a group of users or devices, using switch configuration or ClearPass Per-port tunneled node provides a secured tunnel to transport network traffic on a per-port basis to an Aruba Controller. Only one OSPF area and up to 8 interfaces are supported. NEW Policy-based routing uses a classifier to select traffic that can be forwarded based on policy set by the network administrator limited to 16 next hop routes Security Multiple user authentication methods IEEE Software releases: To find software for your product, refer to www.

Idle power is the actual power consumption of the device with no ports connected not applicable to the 8G switch. Software releases To find software for your product, refer to www. Documentation: Aruba F Series Datasheet.


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