Radha krishna judai

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Radha krishna judai

RadhaKrishn is an Indian Hindi -language mythological television series. It premiered on 1 October on Star Bharat. The show also started re-running on Star Plus from 30th March, The latter intellectually tries to prove that his devotion is higher than love which is nothing but illusion, but eventually realizes that true love supersedes everything. While doing so he ends up cursing Radha that she will spend years outside their celestial home and will forget about Krishn.

But the love between Radha Krishna is not physical but much deeper and platonic. No wonder when Krishn merely calls out her name, she hears. Although Sridama is very repentant at his action, he comes to understand that all this was part of the cosmic play as it was time for Krishn to make his entry in the mortal world. The main motto of the story is "Paane ko hi prem kare, jag ki hai yeh reet, prem arth samjhayegi, Radha-Krishn ki preet" which means world misunderstands love as the thing we ask for or want in return of love but the true meaning of love is sacrifice, full devotion or dedication towards lover and happiness of lover, irrespective of other one's need or want, as taught by the love story of Radha-Krishna.

In this journey of teaching love to the world, with the help of curse of Radha by Sridama, Krishna lives the life of an ordinary human with extraordinary powers and takes Radha out of all humanly weaknesses like fear bhayattachment mohanger krodhhatred ghrinaenvy irshyaego ahankar and inferiority complex heenbhavna.

Radha comes more closer to Krishna after defeating each humanly weakness. In the greatest example of sacrifice tyaagthe essence of true love, Radha-Krishn could not marry, even after being ardent lovers. But as Krishn says marriage is not the goal of love, it's just a stage in journey of love, which some lovers could achieve while some couldn't but that can't change and deny their true love.

They sacrifice their love to tell world that the sacrifice is the essence of true love. Radha is forced to marry her childhood friend Ayan. But even that couldn't stop their love for each other, as they're lovers from time immemorial.

Krishn one day makes her realise and get her supreme and eternal form of Radha of Golok for sometime, which Radha thinks to be a dream, although its reality. Finally, Radha understands the true meaning of love in the last stage of dedication and complaince samarpanwhich she understands after listening the story of seven avatars of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi from Krishn. The love of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmihow they got separated each time for betterment of the universe and to teach love to the world and how they got united after each avatar.

Only after listening the stories of Bal Krishn and seven avatars of Lord Vishnu, she realises her and Krishn's true love. In the end, he sends his eight demon brothers to defeat Radha-Krishna but they also get defeated by Radha with her Ashtalakshmi forms.

Finally, he calls Krishna to Mathura by sending Akrur. Balaram kills all the eight brothers of Kans. Krishnaovercomes all the hurdles created by Kans in the way to complete Radha-Krishna's love.

radha krishna judai

Krishn performs Raas Leela with Radha and other Gopis. Krishn also takes different forms in different stages of this eternal love story with Radha. The series also showcases the love story of Balaram and Revati and their marriage and love story of Krishna and Rukmini. Later on, it focuses on Mahabharat era. Kannan and others. The shlokas, mantras and excerpts from various Hindu mythology scriptures and texts like Bhagavata Purana and Brahma Vaivarta Purana have been transformed into various themes.

Some shlokas, songs and background music from Swastik's another magnum opus series Mahabharat are also used in the series.Although Lord Krishna and Radha Rani are portrayed together, they never got married. There are numerous temples all around the world depicting Lord Krishna and Radha together; however, the underlying reality is that they are not married like Lord Rama and Sita Mata.

However, we do not know much about Radha who is considered as the foremost devotee and lover of Lord Krishna. They are one soul residing in two separate bodies. Tales are galore about the eternal love that Lord Krishna shared with Radha. Who can simply forget the beautiful scenes when Lord Krishna used to play the flute, and sing and dance with his beloved Radha.

Vrindavan is still witnessing to the immortal love that happened between Lord Krishna and Radha. Still, Lord Krishna never married Radha. This question has bothered every devotee of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. Scholars time and again have tried to answer this question in their own way. However, it is to be remembered that the love and bonding that Lord Krishna shared with Radha is not like the mundane love affair between a boy and a girl.

It is a love that exists between a devotee and the Supreme Lord. Lord Krishna personifies Supreme Godhood, and Radha represents the ultimate devotee. The flute of Krishna represents the call of the Ultimate.

It is well known that Radha came running whenever Krishna played the tunes on his flute. It shows the love and bonding that exists between God and a devotee.

Although Lord Krishna and Radha are physically separated, they are spiritually one entity. The Radha Krishna relationship can be best seen as the union between Jivatma — the individual self and Paramatma — the universal self. The eternal love story of Radha Rani and Lord Krishna has continued to mesmerize millions of devotees across generations.

Lord Krishna was rebellious at the spirit and could have done anything to marry Radha. However, he chooses not to marry Radha. Most scholars who have researched on the Radha Krishna love story are of the opinion that the picture of Radha and Krishna as lovers gathered momentum during the late medieval age after the Bhakti movement. It is only the poets and romantics that have given Radha Krishna relationship a physical twist.

However, in reality, the Radha Krishna relationship is on a spiritual plane. They have cited that there is no mention of Radha in ancient Hindu Scriptures. One can only find names such as Rukmini, Satyabhama, Sametha, and others but not Radha. It is well depicted in scriptures that Radha feels blessed when she meets Lord Krishna. It goes on to show that the true happiness is attained only when one finds the Ultimate Reality that is Lord Krishna. It is to be noted that Lord Krishna only lived in Vrindavan up to the age of ten years and never returned to Vrindavan after that time.

So, Krishna only knew Radha till he was 10 years. Thus, on a physical plane, Radha Krishna relationship belongs to his childhood. Moreover, there are no instances to show that Radha visited Dwarka to see Lord Krishna. So, it proves that Lord Krishna and Radha are childhood sweethearts. There are no mentions in ancient texts to show that Radha and Krishna married each other.Radha Krishna Mainalibetter known as R.

In the early s he was one along with his brother, C.

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Mainali of the radical communists who led the Jhapa rebellion, inspired by the Naxalite movement in India. Mainali was imprisoned inand was not released until After his release he argued that the communists should formed broadbased movements for democratic change.

Mainali contested the Jhapa -5 constituency in the parliamentary election. After the royal coup on February 1,R. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other persons named Radha Krishna, see Radha Krishna disambiguation.

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radha krishna judai

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Radha Ke Sena Jale Download Mp3

Love hurts.He displays many amorous pastimes in the groves of Vrindavana. He is the lover of the cowherd maidens of Vraja, the holder of the great hill named Govardhana, the beloved son of mother Yashoda, and the delighter of the inhabitants of Vraja. He wanders in the forests along the banks of the River Yamuna. This is the original nature of Krishna. And—kunja- vihari—He always enjoys the company of the gopis [cowherd girls] within the bushes of Vrindavana forest.

Radha-madhava kunja-vihari. Not only is He the lover of Radharani, but—vraja-jana- vallabha—all the residents of Vrindavana love Krishna.

radha krishna judai

They do not know anything else. They do not know whether Krishna is God or not. That is called unalloyed love. He may be some demigod. People are generally under the impression that the demigods are all-powerful. The demigods are powerful within this material world, but people do not know that Krishna is above all of them. Ishvarah paramah krishnah sac-cid-ananda- vigrahah. So, as the residents of Vrindavana love Krishna without any condition, Krishna loves them without any condition.

When the inhabitants of Vrindavana stopped the sacrifice to Indra, they were in danger because Indra became very angry. For seven days he incessantly sent very great, powerful clouds and rain over Vrindavana. When the inhabitants became very much disturbed, Krishna, although He was only a seven-year-old boy, saved them by lifting Govardhana Hill. Our Krishna consciousness movement is teaching how to become one of the gopi-janas.

Radha Krishna

Then Krishna will save us from any danger, even by lifting a hill or a mountain. Krishna is so kind and so powerful.This voucher is applicable for one time!

Welcome to Radha Krishna Bhavan, Tooting. We hope that you find our website information and that you enjoy browsing through our menu and picture gallery.

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Should you require further assistance please fee free to contact us! Radha Krishna Bhavan offers all the traditional dishes freshly prepared and cooked by our chefs from the popular Curry Mile in Tooting. Our chefs have many years experience to cater for any need so come and enjoy one of the delicious meals with friends or family whilst relaxing in a tranquil yet modern dining area.

We pride ourselves with the high standard in food and service we offer to our customers. We had a lot of customer feedback for good service and texture in food.

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Radha Krishna Bhavan has many advantages over other restaurants in Tooting. The management welcomes your suggestions and our patronage will be glad to help you with your selections. We look forward to many more opportunities of serving you. Our fully licensed restaurant offers you a wonderfully unique experience in food and atmosphere.

Trip Advisor. What you get for your points Gift Points Action. Your Rating. If you have an allergy that could harm your health we strongly advise you to contact the restaurant directly before you place your order. Radha Krishna Bhavan is currently closed.

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