Rolex 3185 movement

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Rolex 3185 movement

Introduced init replaced the short-lived Cal. This was changed for the successor Cal. One major upgrade for the family was the use of a full balance bridge rather than the simple balance cock used previously.

This added stability and durability to an already well-respected movement. The balance uses a Nivarox hairspring, the only component not produced in-house by Rolex, and features a Breguet overcoil laser welded to the balance stud. The automatic winding gears, coated in PTFE, are deep red colored, and the rotor uses synthetic rubies rather than ball bearings.

rolex 3185 movement

Most movements still use the Kif Elastor anti-shock system on the balance. The movement can be manually wound with the crown in position 1. Rotate the crown clockwise to wind the mainspring. The date wheel is advanced along with the independent 12 hour hand, forward or backward, with the crown in second position one notch out.

The time is set with the crown in third position pulled all the way out.

Rolex caliber 3185

Rotate the crown clockwise to advance the minute and hour hands and counter-clockwise to turn them backward. Rolex Family. BalanceBalance at External Link.

AS ETA Zenith Sign Up for Grail Watch Updates. Parachrom Family. Chronergy Family.Jewel for driving wheel for ratchet wheel to fit Rolex calibers Made in Switzerland Non- Original Part. Setting lever spring to fit Rolex caliber,Made in Switzerland Non-Genuine replacement part. Winding pinion for Rolex calibers,Non- Original replacement part Made in Switzerland. Winding stem to fit Rolex calibers,Non-Original replacement part Made in Switzerland.

Rolex aftermarket replacement parts for Caliber stems, axles, staffs, wheels, pinions, mainsprings. Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Login or Sign Up 0. All Clearance Watch Bands. Valjoux 23 72 Valjoux Valjoux, Valjoux Gucci Watch Crowns. Exotic Skins. Watch Bands. Quick view. Balance Staff Fits Rolex Balance staff to fit Rolex calibers, Hands Set fits Rolex Submariner Gold Color Luminous Diamond cut gold plated set of diver's luminous hands to fit Rolex submariner Ratchet Wheel fits Rolex Ratchet Wheel to fit Rolex calibers, Rolex Driving Wheel for Ratchet Wheel Driving wheel for ratchet wheel fits Rolex movements, Rolex Third Wheel Third wheel for Rolex calibers, Spring for Setting Lever fits Rolex Setting lever spring to fit Rolex caliber,Made in Switzerland Non-Genuine replacement part.

Winding Stem fits Rolex Winding stem to fit Rolex calibers,Non-Original replacement part Made in Switzerland. Compare Selected.The Parachrom Blu hairspring has been one of the many advancements Rolex has incorporated into their movements. With the exception of the Daytona that incorporated the Parachrom Blu back innone of the traditional movements had this hairspring, nor any of the latest Rolex advancements.

It had been found that the late Z series and M series 's had the new movement, as well as M series Explorer II's. After month's of this urban myth being bantered about, Tahoeblueon Timezone and Vintage Rolex Forum showed these images of opening four M series GMT's and looked inside. Other forum readers have discovered or confirmed the existance of a movement in 's.

The Rolex Forum member, Scarface, in this postshares that he confirmed with a Rolex representative at Basel that the dials with the stick II is not a misprint, but intentional to designate which 's have the movement. He noted that the interesting part was that they would not open the case because there is nothing wrong, but in the service report they wrote ! The movement includes the Parachrom Blu hairspring videosand according to James Dowling in a TimeZone postthe wheels of the drive train are closer together removing some of the gear play felt in the when the hour hand was being set as well as the Parachrom Blu hairspring.

Anyone new to Rolex would not notice, but when comparing a next to a side-by-side, there is a discernable hand-slop when setting the hour hand of the movement than on the movement.

The crown on a with a movement is said to be more stable. Now known as the "wiggle test," this is one of the very noticable methods to distinguish between a and a movement without removing the caseback.

Rolex GMT-Master II cal. 3185 shot using the new Loupe-system w/ The New universal Adapter

More on the Wiggle Test as well as the Crown Method is shown below. There is no information as to why Rolex produced these watches. Some have speculated that they were a test prior to the new GMT IIC, but this would certainly not seem correct given the late production. Some have also speculated that Rolex had more cases than older movements to match, but people also doubt Rolex has run short on the The warranty card on the left indicates an N for Noir Black bezel.

This is certainly a rare anomaly in Rolex production. All four are M serials two came with black bezel and two with Pepsi bezel.

Rolex Caliber 3285

There is no notation on the paperwork or otherwise to indicate they have the —-the only way to determine the type of movement is to open the watch to confirm. Another possible example in Finland with Z serial has been mentioned in a previous post on the watch forums. More images of the stick font II are listed below. There was thought that one reason Rolex increased the case thickness for the new was to accommodate an increased height of the calibre.

But as as the photos show, the fits nicely in the traditional case. This picture from another source shows the Parachrome hairspring, but look closely, the baseplate appears to show The on the movement definitely insures the movement number. He indicated that when unscrewing the crown and changed the 24 hour hand, none of the hands wiggled, a tell-tale sign between a and movement as the wheel train is closer together on a The thickness between the crown and the movement is definitely less than the upgraded case.

This is definitely a traditional case. Tahoeblue definitely blew this urban myth. Our thanks to his fortitude on correcting what many had thought was sheer nonsense. With this discovery, there is a good chance that M-series Explorer II's might have the same movement.

Andy has searched in the Internet and has found at least five more in US, one in Finland, one in Germany, one in Taiwan and two in Japan.

The Dive Watch Connection

Andy writes of his discovery here. A k. The infamous "stick II" font on the dial as opposed to the traditional "roman II " has already been documented, but there is also a 3rd type of font that looks more like a rectangle.At Bob's Watches, your trust is very important to us.

We believe that buying a pre-owned Rolex watch online should be simple, honest, and straightforward.

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Our mission is to be the leading trusted online source for selling and buying authentic pre-owned Rolex watches. We stand behind this authenticity guarantee with a full money back refund on any watch not found to be completely genuine.

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This new-generation movement replaces the Caliber But what exactly are the differences between these two self-winding Rolex GMT movements?

Caliber to find out. Although GMT watches always display two time zones, true GMT watches have an independently adjustable local hour hand. What this essentially means is that the hour hand can jump forward or backward in one-hour increments, without disrupting the rest of the watch — exceedingly convenient when you travel often and need to change local time regularly while keeping reference home time the same.

The Caliber is the final evolution of the Rolex GMT movement based off of the 31xx series platform. Like all of its predecessors since the initial release of the GMT-Master IICaliber also features an independently adjustable hour hand to indicate a second time zone and operates at a frequency of 28, beats per hour.

However, new to the Caliber was the blue Parachrom hairspring. The blue Parachrom hairspring is not only anti-magnetic but it also offers better resistance to temperature swings, and according to Rolex, it is up to ten times more accurate than a traditional hairspring when subjected to shocks. While Rolex introduced the Parachrom hairspring inthe enhanced blue Parachrom hairspring was unveiled in in Caliber It gets its distinct color from a patented surface treatment process that reinforces long-term stability.

Caliber offers a power reserve rating of 48 hours. The Caliber is an entirely new generation of GMT movement rather than an updated version of the Caliber Moreover, Caliber is equipped with Paraflex shock absorbers for improved durability. Since its launch, Rolex has rolled out Caliber to replace entirely; and now all current-production GMT-Master II watches run on the new movement.

Structurally, the two movements are noticeably different when comparing Caliber vs. Caliber Caliber and Caliber are both COSC-certified automatic movements that offer the following functions: center hour, minute, and seconds; second time zone via hour hand; instantaneous date; and stop-seconds hacking. They are also both in-house movements, built and developed entirely by Rolex. However, there are significant differences between Caliber and Caliber in terms of performance and structure.

Paul is the company's Founder and CEO. He is responsible for all the day to day activities from purchasing, receiving, marketing and sales.Forgot your password? This hairspring is made of a niobium, zirconium and oxygen alloy.

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This was developed so Rolex could have in house control over supply. I expect there may be a few minor differences but the is just a bit of tinkering of the Also the Parachrom hairspring is more shock-resistant, truly anti-magnetic, and seems to keep incredible time. I've heard of the newest GMTs keeping within. My watch gains roughly 2 secs per day, although it has been regulated.

I know much has been said about the differences between the two movements but is the newer one really worth the difference??? Don't get me wrong, I would love to own the newer model but will either buy from a grey dealer or buy a used one when the time comes!!! I should also add, that's coming from a guy who wears Tudors. I don't care so much about the movement as long as it's Swiss and wrapped in a Rolex Oyster.

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rolex 3185 movement

Report post. Posted August 5, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Oh man, I thought it was just a math question. Sorry, chenx. I deserve a swift kick in the.

Feeling a little under the weather and a bit wacky today. It's all good I am still under the weather. The right answer is -1 anyway. Ha ha ha. The difference, better movement and accuracy.

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Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing.At Bob's Watches, your trust is very important to us.

We believe that buying a pre-owned Rolex watch online should be simple, honest, and straightforward. Our mission is to be the leading trusted online source for selling and buying authentic pre-owned Rolex watches.

We stand behind this authenticity guarantee with a full money back refund on any watch not found to be completely genuine. As the most well-known and best-selling watch currently produced by Rolex, the Submariner is purchased by thousands of people each year. As the main component responsible for the performance of the watch, the movement is of great importance when considering which watch to purchase.

Additionally, it is also the primary difference between the two stainless steel Submariner options. Unlike the diverse variants of the Rolex Submariner, there will not be a diversity of movement underneath each watch.

While some are more common than others, they each have their own merits. Although the calibre has seen subtle improvements over the years, as Rolex continues to refine and improve its performance and reliability, it is still largely the same design that was first released almost thirty years ago. There are a few different types of movements from Rolexbut for the convenience of this post we will stick to one. The calibre uses 31 jewels, and has a diameter of Due to the design of the mainspring, Rolex is able to squeeze a hour power reserve into the watch, which is slightly longer than the power reserves of many other, similarly sized movements.

One of the more notable advancements to take place during the lifecycle of the calibre has been the addition of the Parachrom hairspring, which offers a greater level of resistance to shocks and extreme temperature variations.

Rhodium has a high level of corrosion-resistance, and the layer of plating helps prevent against moisture damage. Additionally, the high-luster finish of Rhodium adds a nice aesthetic to the visual appearance of the movement.

Much like the calibrethe calibre that powers the reference Submariner, is a jewel, COSC-rated, automatic movement. Additionally, the calibre has identical dimensions to the calibreand both movements share the same hour power reserve. First released inthe calibre is essentially just a calibre without the date complication. Unlike the calibre found in the Rolex Explorer also without a date featurethe calibre lacks Paraflex shock absorbers, making it a closer relative of the caliber than the The reference Submariner is essentially just a reference Submariner with a date complication.

Paul is the company's Founder and CEO. He is responsible for all the day to day activities from purchasing, receiving, marketing and sales. Paul is a graduate of Boston College and resides in California with his family. Name required. Mail will not be published required. There may be an issue with the Instagram access token that you are using.

Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time. Copyright Bob's Watches. All rights reserved. Bob's Watches is not affiliated with Rolex S. Bob's Watches only sells pre-owned watches and provides its own warranties on the watches it sells.

Email Call: Find Your Rolex. July 16, BY Paul Altieri. SHARE After owning this particular watch for more than a year, I decided to take this project on myself. I have completed a few DVD watchmaking courses, and have completed both TimeZone Watchschool courses and have since rebuilt about a half-dozen mechanical watches. Subsequently, I don't feel too out of place working with an open Rolex case.

Like with any project I take on, I do my research and ask a lot of questions. I was guided by a few folks who have contacted me via the website as well as through members of NAWCC via email. Since I originally posted this page, my neighborhood Rolex watchmaker who loves not too far from me also gave me some pointers as well. I also knew that if I screwed it up, he could unscrew-it.

Rolex Caliber 3186 vs. Caliber 3285

There are other ways to regulate the speed of a Rolex watch other than removing the caseback. With a Rolex registering 86, seconds every day, gravity can assist with keeping the watch on time. This image is frequently posted and referenced around the Internet as one method to use gravity to speed up or slow down a Rolex. Hannes puts it more succinctly with this great image. Mark M. Canon "Turbinator" on Timezone. The Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking this link. Mark can be contacted at mcanon gmail.

Tom Kerrington at roamingtrek gmail. The iOS app is available here. Despite these known methods for low-tech timing measurement, I decided to adjust the balance such that it is precise. On a Rolex, this is easier said than done. Like all Rolex movements, the balance wheel is "free-sprung" whereby the balance wheel moves freely without anything inhibiting its rotation.

Rolex, Patek, non-ETA Panerai's, as well as a few other watch companies use a free-sprung balance wheel rather than using a regulated balance. ETA and its derivitives use a regulated balance and is prevalent on many top quality watches.

Free-sprung balance wheels are also readily recognizable as the balance wheel either has weights, such as Patek, or adjustable screws in them. Rolex uses four Microstella screws that are two different sizes opposing each other on the balance wheel. Adjusting these small screws requires specialized tools and a steady hand, much more so than adjusting a regulated movement such as the mechanisms found on ETA.

This image shows a Rolex balance wheel and two of the four Microstella screws.

rolex 3185 movement

The screw on the right is the smaller screw for one-second adjustments, and the larger screw for two-second adjustments is on the left. Adjusting a Rolex balance wheel requires a Microstella wrench. There are two schools of thought on which type of wrench to use. There is the traditional Rolex Microstella wrench or knock-offs that are very similar. This wrench has an adjustment indictor built into the wrench that shows how much to turn the wrench. This wrench is intended to adjust the Microstella screws while the balance while is mounted in the watch.


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